Useful Synonyms English Grammar Ielts Exam

Useful Synonyms English Grammar Ielts Exam

A synonyms is a word that has the same or a slightly different meaning as another word

(Words which give similar / nearer meaning)

Sternly – seriously, strictly, gravely

Apparition – ghost, devil, demon

Mortal – temporary, ordinary

Burglar – highwayman, thief, house – breaker

Notorious – infamous, evil – minded

Undaunted – courageous, daring, bold

Genius – talented, brilliant

Chore – task, work

Panic – dread, fright

Implore – request, appeal

Personnel – staff

Strained – forced constrained, tense

Majesty – royal power, greatness, nobility

Attitude – view point, mood, opinion, leaning

Attribute – quality, character, trait

Negotiation – bargain, official discussion, transaction

Ragged – torn, tattered, patched, worn out

Deed – agreement

Abode – home, residence, dwelling, house

Own – possess, have, occupy

Puny – small, tiny, miniature

Rage – anger, furious, fret

Ordeal – sufferings, calamity, distress

Reckless – unmindful, foolish, thoughtless, wild

Jubilant – happy, mirthful, joyful merry glad,

Splendid – excellent, beautiful, magnificent, wonderful, unique

Bother – disturb, trouble, perplex, provoke

Solitude – alone, loneliness, seclusion, isolation

Trifle – little, petty, trivial, small, insignificant

Melancholy – sad, grief, pensive

Vision – forethought, sight, eyesight, view

Startle – surprise, wonder, astonish, amazed, shock, stun

Ominous – bad, gloomy, threatening, ill-fated

Abundant – bright, glittering, shining, twinkling, gleaming

Savior – god, lord

Peer – look, gaze, inspect

Loyal – obedient, faithful, trustworthy, sincere

Big – mammoth, large, huge

Barley – scarcely, hardly, inadequately, meagerly

Fringe – border, edge, verge, margin

Stout – brave, determined

Accomplish – achieve, fulfill

Mourn – regret, show. sorrow, grieve, languish,

Hapless – unlucky, ill-luck, ill-fated

Annihilation – destruction, ruin

Fundamental– basic

Obvious – clear

Scared – frightened, feared

Crest fallen – dejected, disappointed

Immense – great, tremendous, enormous

Fascinated – attracted, lured, enchanted, charmed

Oppression – cruelty, in humanity, injustice, tyranny.

Useful Synonyms English Grammar Ielts Exam

chorus refrain
citation quotation
to cite to quote
class lesson, course
clerk receptionist
clever intelligent
to close to shut
coiffure hairstyle
to collapse to break down
to collect to gather
comfort consolation
comic comedian
commencement graduation
complete total
completely totally
concord harmony
to condemn to sentence
confederate accomplice
to confine to restrict
conflict clash
to conform to comply
to confuse to mix up
to connect to associate, to put through (telephone)
considerate thoughtful
constancy fidelity
constant fixed
constitution structure
construction (lit.) interpretation
to consult to refer to
contemporary modern
continuous continual
contrary opposite
convention conference
to convey to communicate
to cope to manage
correct right
couch sofa
crook criminal
crusade campaign
cube dice
curative healing
curler roller
cussed stubborn

Useful Synonyms English Grammar Ielts Exam Useful Synonyms English Grammar Ielts Exam Useful Synonyms English Grammar Ielts Exam Useful Synonyms English Grammar Ielts Exam Useful Synonyms English Grammar Ielts Exam Useful Synonyms English Grammar Ielts Exam Useful Synonyms English Grammar Ielts Exam


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