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Describe an occasion when the vehicle you were traveling in broke down.

Describe an occasion when the vehicle you were traveling in broke down.

Sample 1:-

Well, there is no doubt that vehicle made our life more convenient and comfortable. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology distance makes shorter because there is the various mode of transportation available such as bus, train, bike, and the car which helps me to reach my destination in a short time. most the time I prefer to use my own car for traveling. Luckily, I had not faced so many problems with my car. However, I would like to share an incident when my car was broke down on the road while traveling.

A couple of months before, I traveled to Manali with my husband. we started our journey with full of excitement but unfortunately, when we reached 100 km away then suddenly our car started some strange noise. We stopped the car on the left side of the road and tried to check out the issue. Although we didn’t find any problem, the sound of the engine was becoming louder and louder. After a few minute whole situations became worst when we saw smoke coming out from the car’s engine.

That was the first time when our car had created serious trouble for us. Luckily. my husband had a service center number in his pocket. So we called a mechanic for car repair. By the god grace, Maruti Suzuki service center was nearby us. So that a car mechanic reached within 5 minutes on this spot. He checked the care’s engine properly and replaced a belt as well as, coolant. it took an hour to repair. finally, our car’s engine started again and we felt extremely relieved to see it work properly. then we completed our journey. So that was the situation when my vehicle stop on the road and, I faced a problem.

Sample 2:-

Well, nowadays everyone uses mean of transportation to travel one place to another and, the vehicle broke down is not a big deal. according to me, 99% of people also face this problem once a life. But, here I would like to talk about an incident that I still remember.

Approximately, 3 months ago, I and my cousin planned about an interesting trip and, we decided a visit to Shimla.

After it, we packed the luggage. That time, we took my uncle car. It was the weekend and, everyone free from studies and work also.

According to me, we left the place nearly at 6:00 am. I played Hindi songs on high volume as well as, everyone was very happy and excited related to this trip.

After that, we reached “Solan” city. Unfortunately, my car stopped there in the center of the road. Then, my cousin pushed the car and, we parked side of the road.

That time, we not able to figure out the problem and, the same place we also faced a network issue. I felt very badly and helpless because of all the plan organized by me.

Gratefully, an aunt came out of her house and asked me what happen child. I explain the problem. After that, she told me, my husband is a mechanic and, wait for just a minute I call him. Then, she called him and, her husband came there in 10 minutes.

Moreover, he figures out all the problem and repaired it in 1 hour/ That the situation when I faced this type of trouble. after it, I started the car and felt relaxed. From this experience, I learned that a machine could not have relied on 100%always.

Follow-ups question:-

Question:- How easy is it to travel around your country?

Answer:- Nowadays, the technology covered every nook and corner of the world as well as, it is very easy to travel one place to another place and nation. interestingly, there are airports available in every major city. Moreover, national train and local bus service also famous. the flights are usually good value and make it convenient for folks to travel to other nations.

Question:- Which method of travel fo you prefer?

Answer:- According to my point of view, travel by car is more convenient for me because I can go anywhere and anytime without any problem, as well as when I want to take rest the, I can stop or park my car on the route and, I can relax my self. The most interesting thing, it is very cheap as compared to other best ways as well, I also can go to with family and friends for good company.

Question:- What are the positive and negative pints of low-cost air travel?

Answer:- Well, it is very beneficial for those people who can not afford the best air travel service. Other benefits may include, traveling more frequently and saving.

The drawback side:- However, these airlines usually add on extra charges for baggage and food. The prices of food and soft drinks on board the aircraft is high as well as, the food quality also bad in contrast to others. They do not have a refund policy and uncomfortable seats.

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