We No Longer Need to Have Animals Kept in Zoos, so Zoos Should Be Closed

We no longer need to have animals kept in zoos, so zoos should be closed. Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Sample 1 We No Longer Need to Have Animals Kept in Zoos, so Zoos Should Be Closed

It is an irrefutable fact that zoos must be abandoned since it is unnecessary for animals to be held in those places in this contemporary epoch, which eventually generates a remarkable deal of heated debate. In my perspective, I vehemently disaccord with the given assertion, and I will elucidate my stance in the forthcoming paragraphs with credible illustrations.

Analyzing the given statement and elaborating further, there is a diverse range of fauna that are preserved in such enclosures, and it serves numerous purposes in an appropriate manner. It is quite knowledgeable and makes children more diligent in gaining a lot of information regarding wild species by visiting these places. The school management arranges excursions for their pupils intermittently to teach them practically rather than only explaining theoretically in classrooms. It ensures students have a clear understanding of the animal kingdom efficiently. To exemplify, my school arranged a trip to the zoo in our vicinity and explicated the various forms of carnivores, which was fruitful and fascinating for us to learn and receive extraordinary scores in the subject of Biology. Therefore, zoos play a pivotal role for students and help them to have an optimal understanding of their subject.

Probing ahead, there are numerous species that are on the verge of extinction and requires sufficient care and nourishment. In such consequences, the wildlife officials play a crucial part in safeguarding these creatures and give proper shelter, care, and supper accordingly. They ensure animals are abstained from becoming extinct. In a similar fashion, there are renowned personalities who are working with the wildlife team and donating funds to provide assistance in protecting fauna. To cite an instance, Rohit Sharma, Indian cricket skipper, is the brand ambassador for safeguarding rhinos and is prominent for running campaigns and raising funds on social media. Thus to prevent the creatures, the authorities and celebrities are giving their utmost support to provide nourishment for the species in zoos.

Taking everything into consideration, although it is typically considered that zoos are not required in the modern generation, I contemplate that they serve a myriad of purposes, such as educating youngsters and preserving endangered species that are becoming extinct.

Sample 2 We No Longer Need to Have Animals Kept in Zoos, so Zoos Should Be Closed

It is irrefutable that animals are the most prominent part of the ecosystem and also play a crucial role to manage the whole world in a better way. There is no discrimination against animals to keep these wild creatures behind bars even though they have equal rights as a human. However, I agree with the statement to a large extent. I have some solid ground to defend my opinion, which I would like to explicate at length in the paragraphs to come.

To begin with, the human does not have the authority to keep the creatures inside the zoo for their entertainment purpose because they also have families to live with them without any interruption from human. Put in other words, animals lose their freedom when they are kept behind bars, also the exposure to an artificial way of living, and deprived numerous of assets of their natural habitat. This leads to the balance of the ecosystem would be disturbed, and as a result, the whole world suffers from treasury consequences that are unable to tackle easily. For instance, according to researchers, if humans keep the wild animals inside the zoo or behind bars, this leads to unbalancing the food chain in the forest because animals are dependent on each other for their survival. As a result, the majority of wildlife and creatures are near to extinction soon. To add it, without animals, the green forest turns into a desert because these are the major ones that preserve the wildlife or environment inappropriate manner.

Furthermore, at a certain stage, human has the responsibility to preserve these incredible creatures on a large scale. Because some species of animals are on the verge of extinction, this beast can be saved from the effect of extermination. For example, in India, the tendency of white tiger drastically plummeted over the years, and the forest department took the initiative to save this creature from hunting and provide man-made forests which are similar to natural forests, including food and medicine to keep their tiger for future. Moreover, in some forests, the food chain is disturbed, and animals are dying out from hunger, so individuals give a place for their better health and hygiene, which leads them a long life.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that humans have no right to interfere in the wildlife of animals to use these creatures for their benefit. Therefore, the government needs to save the animals from diseases to increase their habitats.

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