With the Rise in Popularity of The Internet, Newspapers Will Soon Become

With the rise in popularity of the internet, newspapers will soon become a thing of the past.  To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The internet is still a relatively new technology. When I was young, there was no internet and few computers. Today of course everybody has a computer and most people in developed countries have access to the internet.

People can now find most things that they need to know about on the internet. This includes the information that we can find in newspapers such as the news, sports, business information, the weather and a range of other things. The newspapers themselves have their sites where you can access the pages that you can buy in the traditional paper form.

Will this mean the end of the newspaper? I do not think so. Although access to the newspapers and information is easy and cheap, this is not just what people want. People like reading a newspaper. They do not necessarily want to sit at a computer screen, especially if computers are part of their jobs. You cannot take a computer where you want. You can not take a computer to a beach and read it. You cannot take a computer on a bus a train or a plane to read the newspaper.

Personally, I prefer to buy a newspaper in a shop so that I can read it when and where I like. I like reading a newspaper at a cafe with a coffee, especially at the weekend. I am not going to take my laptop to a cafe, even if I can access the internet there.

So, in conclusion, some people will replace their need for a newspaper with a computer but I think that the world will always need newspapers on paper. Newspapers will not become a thing of the past.

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