Write a Letter to A Newspaper Editor About the Poor Condition of A Historic Building

Write a letter to a newspaper editor about the poor condition of a historic building in your area. In the letter, you should:-

  • What building are you writing about?
  • Describe the current condition of the building.
  • What should be done in this situation?

Dear Sir.

I am a resident of North York. I read in the newspaper regarding the Old Court in the area. I am writing in protest of this decision.

The old court, although not a huge building, is the heritage landmark of the city. It depicts the famous judiciary of this city since the past. These are the strong reasons for not demolishing this historical monument. Moreover, the building still stands strong from the outside except for some damaged corners. The interiors indeed require much repair and renovation.


However, it does not call for bulldozing altogether. As a matter of fact, the building should be renovated and converted into what can be called the young’s Abode – a small cafe, a small library, a music room and the main courtroom for mock court sessions for the young people of the city. This way, the place will come alive.

I propose we can raise funds for the repairs by organizing a Music week where concerts and other musical activities can be offered. It is sure that these events will earn good revenue as we are the city of young people with an ear for music.

In anticipation of a sincere consideration for my proposal.

Yours Faithfully

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