Writting task 2 (example 24) Nowadays food has become easier to prepare

Nowadays food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live?

Give reasons for your answer using your own ideas and experience.

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Food is one of the fundamental needs for the people. People are slowly increasing passion towards the taste of the food and some people are becoming crazy about the food .These people always require different tastes and invent new and easy methods to prepare food. This new inventions always change the lifestyle and let us discuss how it made the difference in our life.
Old is gold always. Certain people do not want to miss the raw taste and use the new machinery like mixers or grinders. They want to prepare in old style without machinery and grasp complete taste of food. Still my grandfather never uses machinery and enjoys the raw taste.
There is other side of coin always. Now a days, people are becoming busy and don’t have time to spend much for cooking food. So they started inventing new methods which made cooking easy. People invented new machinery like gas stoves, induction stoves, cookers, mixers and many more. All these inventions changed people’s lifestyle. It saved people’s time and people started investing time in other activities. And these new inventions also produced good taste and different varieties and caused dramatic change in lifestyle. I always use all possible machinery to prepare tasty food for my family. And especially in restaurants, chefs use latest technology to prepare tasty food and this has changed the lifestyle too. Nowadays people can get food with whatever calories they want in their daily life
In Conclusion, I prefer to prepare tasty food in easy methods using latest machinery.


Nowadays food has become easier to prepare

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