You Are Doing a Three-Month Course at A Training Institute: GT Writing Task 1

You Are Doing a Three-Month Course at A Training Institute. You Have Recently Been Offered a Full-Time Job at A Company and Can Not Continue the Course. Write a Letter to The Course Instructor. in The Letter:

  • Explain Why You Cannot Continue the Practice.
  • Describe the Job You Have Been Offered.
  • And Ask if They Have an Evening Course that You Can Continue.

Dear Alex,

How are you? I hope your day is going well. It has been excellent time training under your supervision for a month. No one could teach me this well to become a certified yoga trainer better than you. You knew I was a bit sceptical regarding yoga as I used to prefer gym and cross fit over it. But you’ve developed my interest in it so much that I cannot go a day without attending a training course. I’m grateful to you for making me find the best in myself. But I’m a bit scared of what’s coming next, and I hope you can understand my situation.

As you know, I finished my MBA final exam last month before starting the course, the results were out two days back, and I cleared with distinction. During our system, we had given interviews as job placements were offered, but they would’ve got confirmed only after our results. Since I cleared with distinction, I got the call from them yesterday evening to join the firm as soon as possible for the post of assistant manager. It’s a full-time job from 9 am to 5 pm with an alternate Saturday off, but it is far from my place. Therefore, I need to leave by 8 am and would return by 6:00 pm. So with a heavy heart, I’ve to say that I will be discontinuing our yoga instructor training course.

It’s a pretty renowned firm, so I am aware that my work responsibilities will be more and beginning as a fresher I would not be able to ask for leave for two months.

I apologise for not being able to complete the course. I wanted to know whether we have an evening slot for 3 hours from 6- 9 pm. I learned earlier we had this slot which stopped due to some reason. I would love to attend and finish my course if this opportunity is available. Kindly let me know, and I will try my best to follow.

I hope you will understand my situation and guide me accordingly to complete the course.

Yours sincerely,

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