You Are Interested in Studying A Short Course at A College in An English Speaking Country

You are interested in studying a short course at a college in an English speaking country. Write a letter to the college. In your letter you should say:

  • which course you are interested in and why?
  • describe your educational background and work experience?
  • and say why you would like to study at that college.?

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing this letter in regards to showing my attention to learning a six months post-graduate diploma in data science at your college. My name is Anish, and I intend to go to Canada to learn about Data Science and, through this, be part of the migration process. Furthermore, I strongly believe that this will enhance my career, and I will get better job opportunities in Canada.

Earlier I had completed my bachelor’s in data science in my home country. It was my dream to complete a post-graduation course in an English-speaking country. I think it will enhance my communication skills, and it is a better way to know the traditional and cultural activities of an English-speaking country. Furthermore, after completing my graduation, I got an opportunity to work with the Python group for two years. I think the experience I had earned from the Python group was fantastic, and it was a nice time with them.

The reason behind this approach to studying in your college is there was a limited number of colleges for my post-graduation program in my home country. That is the initial reason I have chosen Canada. Apart from this, advanced facilities and job security are another reason for attracting the same. Last but not least, some of my seniors got attractive job packages after completing courses in the same college. I think after completing my course, I will definitely get better job opportunities, and I can easily reach my life goals.

Expecting a favourable reply and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

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