You Had Dinner With Your Friend’s Family

You had dinner with your friend’s family. Write a letter to your friend and express your feelings about the dinner. In your letter, you should:

  • Say what you enjoyed about the dinner.
  • Describe how you feel about his/her family.
  • Invite your friend and his/her family to your place.

Dear Guri,

Thanks a lot for inviting me to dinner yesterday. It was the awesome sauce, and the taste is still on my tongue.

To be honest, I loved all the food items as I’m speechless as to which item weighs more. But I’d never relished rice pudding before, which had been garnished with the raisins. It had a different taste, especially the taste of saffron and which made it more delicious, and I enjoyed eating it more.

I must say all the members of your family are amicable. I was taken aback to get such a warm welcome from them. Even though I was unknown to them and I didn’t feel uneasiness while talking to them; instead, I was more cool and composed.

I would like to invite you along with other members of your family to my place. Can you imagine how wonderful a day it will be?

Moreover, it’s an attractive option, if you will have more than a week to spend at my house; then, we all will go to see worth seeing places of my city.

Hoping to see you soon!

Yours truly,

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