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You Have Enrolled in an Evening Course

You Have Enrolled in an Evening Course

You have enrolled in an evening course, but you have found that you are too busy to continue and would like to take the course next term instead. Write a letter to you, teacher. In your letter:

Explain the situation and why you cannot continue the course
Say what you would like to do about your studies?
Ask for a device about what you can do about the situation?

Dear Sir or Madam,

I have been pursuing an evening language course in your Trinity College for 3 months; but, now I feel incapable of continuing it due to my hectic schedule, and I would like to continue it in the next term in autumn, and for this, I am seeking your permission.

Let me explain the reason for discontinuing the course. Recently, I have been appointed as a teacher in a school. Though my job is not rounding the clock as I get free at three in the afternoon; however, I have assignments for pupils to check and other administration work. It is my new job so I cannot be irresponsible. Due to the above-mentioned reasons, I find it a hard nut to crack to have spare time for continuing this course now.

To be honest, I would like to continue the rest of the course in the month of autumn as I would be on autumn vacations and at that time I would be able to understand my work responsibilities well. In addition, if it would be difficult to attend in person; then, I would join this course online.

I would like to have your advice to help me out of this situation. I would be highly indebted to you if you could allow me to attend this course in the next intake as it is pertinent for me being a teacher in a school if it is not possible; then, do let me know that when I would be able to get a refund and how much?

Looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Yours faithfully,

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