You Have Just Rented an Unfurnished Flat, and A Friend Told You About a Shop

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You have just rented an unfurnished flat, and a friend told you about a shop with cheap second-hand furniture. Write to the shop owner. In your letter:-

  • Describe what you need.]
  • Ask whether they have these items.
  • And ask what they cost.

Sample 1 You Have Just Rented an Unfurnished Flat, and A Friend Told You About a Shop

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to inquire about used furniture for my newly rented unfurnished flat. A friend mentioned that your shop offers a selection of affordable second-hand furniture. As I am planning to move into this new place next Monday, I urgently need a bed, dining table, and cupboard.

Next month, my wife and kids will join me, so I would like to know if you have the following items available: a kids’ bed, a kids’ cupboard, a cradle, a sofa, a kitchen table, and a wooden organizing rack. I prefer a king-size wooden bed, a six-seater white plywood dining table, and a four-door steel storage shelf.

Lastly, I would like to inquire about the prices of the available items. I am staying in this location for a one-year project; once completed, I will return to my previous residence and do not plan to use the furniture for more than a year. Therefore, kindly offer me the best possible rates.

Thank you for your consideration and time. I am looking forward to your prompt response.

Yours sincerely,

Sample 2 You Have Just Rented an Unfurnished Flat, and A Friend Told You About a Shop

Dear Sir,

To begin with, I have recently moved to an unfurnished apartment and need some good second-hand furniture. Moreover, one of my friends has suggested your shop for those as mentioned earlier.

Firstly, I am looking for a rustic teal sofa set with beaded side rails and velvet cushions. This would match the curtains in my living room and go well with my grey Persian rug.

Secondly, I am looking for an antique French chandelier with some hangings. Furthermore, as I have rented a condo, I prefer a mid 90’s style bulbs attached to it, as it highlights the wooden porch at the entrance.

Overall, I would appreciate it if you had these items, so do let me know if you have them. Also, kindly inform me of their prices as I have a budget for these things.

Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you

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