You Have Missed Some Important Papers Accidentally in A Bus

You have missed some important papers accidentally on a bus. Write a letter to the manager of the Taxi company. In your letter:

  • Give the details of your journey
  • Explain why those papers are important for you
  • Suggest what can the manager do

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing this letter regards to, the documents I lost in between the journey from Mysuru to Cochin on 21/09/2021. I had an important meeting in Mysuru on the previous day, and after bust schedule and routine traveling, I was very tired. In between meeting breaks, I booked my return trip with the travel agent, and they booked my trip with Veh No- KA-Bt-8989 Scania bus. I have stayed at upper birth number B-12.

I kept my belongings safe and near to me. The journey was quite impartial and serene. I slept after few hours, and while I opened my eyes, I did not realize that I had reached my final destination. In between hurry burry, I forgot to kept my documents with me. All the papers are important, and it contains secrecy related to our business.

I kindly request you to collect all the documents and courier them to my personal address. Additionally, please contact me if you require any additional information. I can include my direct number below this letter.

I am looking for your adequate action.

Yours sincerely,

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