You Have Received a Bank Statement Showing that The Bank Has Deducted Some Money

You have received a bank statement showing that the bank has deducted some money from your account. You think that they have made a mistake. Write a letter to the bank including the following information:

  • your account details and the possible problem with the statement?
  • What do you think may have happened to cause the mistake?
  • What would you like the bank to do?
  • And any other relevant information?

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am Ankitha, a premium account holder at your bank. I am writing this epistle to bring to your notice some inaccurate transactions made by your bank, and the same has been reflected in the statement.

Let me expound on the scenario. When I received the statement this morning, it was mentioned that 5,000 bucks had been deducted from my account for failing to pay the credit bill on time. Here is my account number, 45678123.

Furthermore, I am confident that I have always paid my bills on time without any excuses. I can recall that the due date for payment was July 1. However, I spent the bill on June 28 in order to avoid fines. I anticipate that my amount was not recorded appropriately in your database.

Therefore, I humbly request you to go through the records of my credit card transactions and revert the amount as I have to pay my university fees. If required, please create a complaint ticket and appoint one of your employees to work on this issue promptly. I am also attaching a photocopy of the statement for your reference.

Let me know if any other information is required, and I hope to hear from you at the earliest.

Yours faithfully,

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