You Have Recently Visited a Building Which Is of Historical Importance and Came to Know that It’s in Bad Condition

You have recently visited a building which is of historical importance and came to know that it’s in bad condition. Write a letter to the local newspaper office. In the letter, you should tell:

  • which building it is?
  • what are the problems?
  • what do you expect them to do?

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to you to draw your immediate tension to an ancient building known for its historical background; however, now it is in dilapidated condition.

Let me explain to you that last Sunday, I made a plan to visit a museum, which is in the vicinity of my city. It belonged to an earlier century, built in a wider space. It contained ancient weapons, coins and religious books such as the four Vedas.

Suffice to say that these premises are no longer a source of attraction for the people. No repair has been done to it since last year. Books are covered with dust, and the colour of the walls has peeled off.

Would you be kind enough to employ someone for keeping this place spic and span? It would be great if a few modifications were done regarding the ceiling of the building and exterior of it as well. As it has great importance, such historical buildings must be conserved if something has to be transmitted to the future generation.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,

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