You Have Seen an Advertisement for ‘weekend Work’ in A Hotel

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You have seen an advertisement for ‘weekend work’ in a hotel in the town where you are staying. You have worked in a hotel before and think that the job would be suitable for you. Now you want to apply for the job. Write a letter to the hotel manager expressing your interest. In your letter,

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Explain why you think you would be suitable for the job.
  • Ask what work you would be expected to do.

Sample 1:- You Have Seen an Advertisement for ‘weekend Work’ in A Hotel

Dear Sir,

My name is Simon Peter. I am a 27-year-old young man who works as an accountant in a restaurant. Normally, I work Mondays to Fridays, which means I have the weekends to myself. I need an additional source of income as the revenue from my current job is not sufficient to cater to my needs. Then I decided to write  this letter to express my interest in the weekend work advert at your hotel, the Royal Hibiscus Hotel.

I have about three years of working experience in the hospitality industry. I have worked as a hotel receptionist and a concierge. I enjoyed working in the hospitality industry, especially hotels, and I have the relevant skills needed to work in any role in a hotel. My dedication to work, good time management, and customer service skills were very instrumental to my success when I was working in a hotel, and I believe these skills will be useful in your hotel if I am considered for this weekend job.

I noticed the advertisement for the job did not specify the role(s) available. Then I will like to inquire about the specific role(s) available and the job description of the role(s). I would appreciate it if I get a quick response from you about this opening because I am optimistic about this job. Thank you.

Yours Faithfully,

Sample 2:- You Have Seen an Advertisement for ‘weekend Work’ in A Hotel

Dear Sir,

I am one of your customers, and I am writing this letter to apply for the post of Human Resource Manager.

My name is Andrew Jones; I am so fascinated with your hotel services that whenever I am nearby, Plam Hotel is my first preference stay. Now also, I have been here for the last two days in your luxury suit.

Yesterday, I saw an advertisement in the newspaper that you have a vacancy for the position of Human Resource Manager, and I deem to apply for that. Even, I have also worked with you before. At that time, I resigned since I went to Canada for my higher studies. However, now I am back with higher qualifications and international experience of two years.

Previously, in 2020 I was a salesman and also supervised social events. In 4year I won the title of best employee two times in a row. So, please inform me of the duties I will be assigned to if you select me. I hope my qualification and experience are suitable for this post.

Looking forward to a prompt response.

Yours faithfully,

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