You Left Your Book at A Friend’s Home and You Want Him to Send It Back

You left your book at a friend’s home and you want him to send it back. Write a letter to your friend. In the letter, you should tell:

  • Describe your book
  • Tell him where you left it at
  • Suggest what he can do about it.

Dear Rajesh,

I am in the pink of my health, and I hope you are also sailing in the same boat in current covid conditions.

During my visit to your home last month before the outbreak of Covid, I brought some books with me to read in my pass time. One of my favourite books, “Five points someone”, was written by Chetan Bhagat; I forgot at your place only.

I remember I was reading this novel in the library so it will be there only. You can find this book under the piles of already read books, i.e., on the table kept beside the chair. It has a white cover with a print of a palm with opened fingers.

Since I borrowed this book from my neighbour, and he is travelling back to college, so I have to return his book, and due to covid time, you nor I can come and meet. I would suggest you book the “Delhivery” courier facility. They will pick and deliver the book within four days after following all covid protocols.

Please share the dispatch details, and it will help me to track it once you courier it.

Yours Lovingly,

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