You Live in A Room in College Which You Share with Another Student: GT Writing Task 1

You live in a room in college which you share with another student. However, there are problems with this and you find it difficult to work. Write a letter to the accommodation officer at the college. In the letter

  • describe the situation
  • explain the problems and why it is difficult to work?
  • say what kind of accommodation you would prefer?

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to let you know that I am unhappy with my current living conditions. While the accommodation itself is nice and comfortable, my roommate has become intolerable, making it almost impossible for me to work. I hope you will consider my situation favourably.

Let me explain my situation. The trouble started about three months ago when my housemate first moved in. Prior to that, everything was fine, and my old roommate was extremely considerate. My current roommate, however, stays up almost all night and plays really loud music. As a result, I wake up every morning feeling fatigued because I have not been able to sleep properly and, therefore, cannot concentrate on my studies.

Would you kindly transfer my roommate or me to another room? I would much prefer to be with someone who is quieter and more considerate of others; as long as it is quiet, I do not mind whom I live with.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours faithfully,

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