You Lost an Item While Travelling on A Bus: GT Writing Task 1

You lost an item while travelling on a bus. An employee of the bus company assisted you in recovering your lost item. Write a letter to the company manager to thank the employee. In your letter

  • Describe what you lost and why it was important to you.
  • How the employee helped you find it?
  • And explain how you felt after recovering it.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude towards one of your employees who helped me recover a valuable item that I had lost while travelling on one of your buses. I am extremely thankful to the employee who went above and beyond to assist me in retrieving my lost item.

On the evening of March 10, I was travelling on one of your buses from the city to the suburbs. I had with me a small bag containing my laptop, important documents, and a few personal items. Unfortunately, I had accidentally left the bag on the seat beside me, and by the time I realized my mistake, the bus had already reached its destination.

I immediately approached the employee at the bus station and explained my situation. He listened to me patiently and took all the necessary details to help me find my lost item. The employee went out of his way to check the bus thoroughly, as well as coordinating with the driver to locate my bag.

Thanks to his efforts, my lost bag was eventually found and returned to me within a few hours. I am incredibly grateful for his assistance in this matter, and I cannot thank him enough for his outstanding service.

Losing the bag was an incredibly stressful experience for me, as it contained a lot of important documents and my laptop, which I use for work. The thought of losing such valuable items was extremely distressing. However, thanks to the prompt action and efforts of your employee, I was able to recover everything that I had lost.

The employee’s professionalism, dedication, and hard work have left a lasting impression on me, and I felt compelled to write to you and express my appreciation for his efforts. Please convey my heartfelt thanks to him and let him know that his excellent service has not gone unnoticed.

Once again, thank you for your employee’s exceptional service, which has restored my faith in your company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.


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