You Recently Attended a Conference and Would Like to Give

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You recently attended a conference and would like to give a presentation to your colleagues about it. Write a letter to your manager and include the following:

  • The topic of the conference.
  • Why do you want to present about it?
  • When could it be done?

Sample 1:- You Recently Attended a Conference and Would Like to Give

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to inform you about the conference meeting which was held on 2nd February 2023, and I was part of that meeting. The main agenda of that meeting was to learn about the SonarQube tool, so I would like to give a presentation on it to my colleagues.

In the meeting, they explain the definition, uses, and advantages of the Sonar Qube. It’s one code quality tool, and it’s used to identify vulnerabilities, code smell, and bugs. There will be two types of tools, Dynamic and Static.

I want to present this topic to our teams because this tool will be very useful for scanning our source code, and we may avoid the many mistakes of writing the code. We can add a SonarQube scan to our build, but before it, everyone should know about it.

We can include this topic in our scheduled chapter meeting, which will happen on coming Friday at 4:00 PM. I would like to request that you please give your input on it earlier.

Yours Faithfully,

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