You Recently Bought an Electric Gadget for Your Home: GT Writing

You recently bought an electric gadget for your home. Your friend wants the same gadget and needs your advice. In this letter, you should include:

  • What is the gadget?
  • What do you think about it?
  • Advice about other alternatives your friend could buy.

Sample 1:- You Recently Bought an Electric Gadget for Your Home: GT Writing

Dear Guri,

How are you? I am thrilled to know that you showed your interest in the electric equipment that I bought. When you asked my advice to buy the same, I felt proud of my purchase.

It was a food processor, and I bought it with a year’s warranty. Interestingly, I got one extra jug along with a foreign food recipe. The most attractive feature is its small size and easy to clean.


However, I think it is good to buy. Although the price is exorbitant, by looking at its usability and convenience, I paid 5000 rupees. Being a working woman, it doesn’t seem to be a larger amount as it has reduced my burden, and now I don’t see other people’s help to chop the onion, or vegetables, or make juice.

To be honest, if you could spend a huge amount, it would be a better option for you. It needs more energy to operate. So be aware of the increase in electricity bills. Another option is buying a manual chopper, which works well and performs the same function.

In this way, you can exercise your hand and arm muscles and give your body a new shape. If you want to buy, then avail the opportunity, which is going on at a discounted rate. The sale is on both types of equipment.

Eagerly waiting for your reply.

Yours loving,

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