You Recently Received a Letter from A Friend Asking for Your Advice on Whether

You Recently Received a Letter from A Friend Asking for Your Advice on Whether to Go to College or To Try to Get a Job. You Think He/ She Should Get a Job. Write a Letter to This Friend. in Your Letter:

  • Say why she will not enjoy going to college.
  • Explain why getting a job is a good idea.
  • Suggest the type of job that would be suitable.

Dear Guri,
Great to write to you after such a long time. How are you? I received your letter yesterday and I am glad that you have asked my advice about doing a job or continuing to study in a college. I want to suggest to you that doing a job is a better option.

Let me tell you that recently you’ve passed your senior secondary and enrolling in a college will not give you so much exposure to the real world. In addition, you’ve been preparing for defence services. Therefore, if you are admitted in a college, you will be left with no time for studying. Besides, you’ll have no time for playing in the evening, which is mandatory for you to be physically fit.

Will you believe that doing a job is very beneficial for you? You will learn cooperation, patience, and team spirit while working with others. Also doing a job will make you responsible for your work and punctuality will be the hallmark of your personality. Furthermore, you can earn and pay your tuition fees and as a result, you’ll not have a need to ask for money from others. In this way, you will be independent.

To my mind, a receptionist job is best for you because English is a gab of gift for you and this experience will be helpful for you during your job. As you will be meeting with other states’ officers and some foreign officers will also be in your batch. Your command over the English language will assist you in being friendly with them and there will be no communication barrier to mingling with others.

I hope you will consider it and make the right choice.

Eagerly waiting for your reply.

Yours loving,

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