You Recently Spent a Weekend With Your Friend

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You recently spent a weekend with your friend in her/his new house. Write a letter to your friend.
In your letter, you should:
Explain what you like about his new house
Tell him/her what you enjoyed most during your staying
Suggest when and where you could meet next time with her/him.

Sample Answer of You Recently Spent a Weekend With Your Friend

Dear Aman, 

I hope you would be in high spirits and in pink health. Hey dude! I am missing you and your family a lot. I must say the weekend I spend at your home was the golden days of my life; hence, I am writing this to thank you for the hospitality. 

Your home is as same as my dream house. The most interesting thing was the voice assistance technology installed names “Alexa”. Although I heard about that, never witnessed it. Moreover, the interior decoration of every single room is splendid.

Apart from this your parents and grandparents are really caring. I love the way, they pampered me and the valuable life experience they shared. Last but not least, the cuisines were literally finger-licking, even I never had such taste in renowned hotels. 

Anyway, I know next month it’s the 50th-anniversary ceremony of your grandparents, so I think we could give them a grand party on this auspicious occasion. For the sake of this, I will get the opportunity to meet you and your family once again. 

At last, I would like to thank you for all this and keep this in mind, I am waiting for your reply about the anniversary party. 


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