You Share a Parking Area With Several Neighbors and Have Recently

You share a parking area with several neighbors and have recently started having problems.

Write a letter to be copied to all neighbors that share the parking area. In that letter

• explaining the problems

• suggesting ways to help the situation


• proposing a possible meeting

Sample Answer of You share a parking area with several neighbors and have recently started having problems.

Dear Neighbours,

I am John Smith and living on the ground floor of building ‘A’. I am writing to you about the problem that I am experiencing with the parking bay. It had better resolve the problem until it becomes severe.

As you know, every building has its own parking space. Similarly, building ‘A’ can accommodate fifty cars; but, surprisingly it is seen to be overcrowded and the bad parking exacerbates the situation. I am unable to get the space for my car and it takes a lot of time to arrange the cars for getting a space. I am unable to understand why the guests park their cars in the allotted space? As they are more aware of the rules of parking slots, which allow only the residents of this building to park their cars.

Despite fighting over parking space, it would be helpful to solve it with mutual understanding. Guests must be informed to park their cars on the road or they should use public transport so that the residents cannot face any trouble. On top of that, we all must keep in mind to park well in the allotted number to make it convenient for others.

I would be highly obliged if we could make time and fix a meeting for this coming weekend. I would be happier to host it at my home and in this way we can make our relationships stronger.

Looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Yours Sincerely,


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