You Work in An Office and Have Recently Been Experiencing

You work in an office and have recently been experiencing a health problem. You think that the problem started because of the working conditions in the office. Write a letter to your manager.

In your letter:

  • Describe the health problem
  • Explain why you think it was caused by conditions in the office
  • Suggest what the manager should do to improve the working conditions in the office

Dear Mr Smith,

As the head of the planning committee of this Company, I’m writing to inform you that our annual conference is set to come off on the 23/12/2021 at the main hall of the ground floor.

All necessary preparations are underway to ensure that the annual conference is a success.

As part of the preparation for the conference, I kindly request of you that, as the head of the finance department, prepare and present the financial statement of the company for the previous year and the proposed budget for the first quarter of the year 2022.

Moreover, I’ve sent memos to every department to notify them ahead of time. All projectors needed for the conference has been secured, as well as the cafeteria has been announced to prepare enough lunch and snacks for all participants.

Kindly contact me if you need any clarifications.

Yours Sincerely,

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