Your Car Is Hired by a Company and While You Are Driving on Holiday

Your car is hired by a company and while you are driving on holiday, you have a small accident. You will have to write a report for the company to explain it.
You need to explain the following:
1. When and where you hired it?
2. Describe how the accident happened?
3. What kind of action did you take after the accident? You should write at least 150 words

Sample Answer of  Your Car Is Hired by a Company and While You Are Driving on Holiday

 Dear sir,
Through this epistle, I would like to draw your attention to an accident which was held last week with us when we were traveling from Sydney for an itinerary in a private car which was hired from your company.

I was going with my family on summer holidays we planned our tour for four days but on the third day it  was almost time of sunset when I and my family were headed towards the hotel at the moment I was driving the car but suddenly a puppy came in front of ur to protect him I rolled steering opposite to him and we meet with a minor accident. with the grace of God I saved the puppy but to our dismay, your car hit the wall and bumper got broken also  I have some minor
injuries too.

After a moment when I came out of the car I prayed that we were safe then I called the local police and described the whole scenario then I asked the officer to arrange to pick our car to depart in the company and also book a cab for us so that we can reach our hotel. After reaching the hotel I called the company and talked with them about the repair. Then we got the car the next day in the evening with a new bumper and I made the payment about that incident so that you also properly check the car and tell me if you got something wrong with it.

Looking forward to your reply.
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