Your Child’s School Has Arranged a Trip Abroad for Students: GT Writing Task 1

Your child’s school has arranged a trip abroad for students. The principal of the school asked some parents to join the trip to help. Write to the school principal and say:

  • Why do you want to join the journey?
  • How could you help during the trip?’
  • Ask some questions about the trip.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Hello, I’m Mrs Khushbu A. Bajaj, mother of Mihika A. Bajaj, who is studying in 5th Grade in your school. In the Parent-Teacher (PT) meetings, I learned that the school is organizing a short trip to Spain for six days/5 nights in September. The teachers also asked if any parents would like to volunteer and accompany them.

I’m more than delighted to join the trip as I’ve been to Spain a couple of times from the office and I’m sure my good knowledge of the places around Spain could be of great help. Due to frequent visits to Spain, I got well-acquainted with Madrid city and its surroundings, and I read in the itinerary that 2-3 days are booked for Madrid so that I can be a great escort to the places as well.

I can also help arrange entries for some of the Museums and Galleries. Still, I would require additional information related to the exact count of students, teachers or parents travelling with us and the days we visit the Museums and Galleries for the booking.

I thank you for the opportunity and request you to help me with the responses to the above queries kindly.

Yours Faithfully,

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