Your Landlord Wants to Increase Your House Rent

Your landlord wants to increase your house rent. Write a letter to him to explain your situation.

  • In your letter, you should tell:
  • why do you think the rent shouldn’t be increased
  • what you will do if it is increased.

Dear Jack,

I hope you are doing good. I am writing this letter in regards, and our apartment caretaker discussed rent you are planning to increase next month. Kindly request you to ideal the plan for a few months because last year you increased 50$.

As you may be aware that, I am a final year graduate student. There are nearly nine more months required to complete my course. Due to the Pandemic and winter season, I am not able to work part-time jobs. Due to heavy winter and pandemic conditions, most of the shops and other organizations stopped their functioning’s till the end of winter. Because of this difficulty, it hardly affects my financial conditions. Apart from this, I have to pay my semester fees, travelling expenses, food and other miscellaneous expenses. If you increase the house to rent, it will be an additional burden for me.

If you take the decision to increase, please let me allow you to share a home with my friends. Their attainable presence will be a great relief for me both financially and personally. We can share our rent, food and beverages expenses. In addition, it will be a great advantage for me educationally.

I hope you understand my situation and expect a favourable reply.

Yours Sincerely,

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