A book you would like to read again

A book you would like to read again


Or talk about a book which was recommended to you by someone.

Or Talk about a memorable gift you have received.

Or Talk about a book which left a strong impression on you.

 You should say:

Which is it?

Who recommended it?

How is the book?



  1. Well, I would start by saying that books are the warehouses of knowledge and information which helps us to understand life with a better insight. Reading is one of my favorite hobbies and It has helped me to improve my linguistic skills and intellectual capacity.
  1. I have read quite a few books but one book I thought was really amazing and interesting. The book was “THE SECRET” written by Rhonda Byrne. She is a very famous American writer. A movie has also been made after the success of this book.


About the book


  1. The secret’ claims that positive thinking can create life-changing results. It contains the real-life stories of modern day teachers, men, and women who have achieved health, wealth and happiness by positive thinking. through their positive thinking only they were able to do and achieve some wonderful things.
  1. In this book, we can learn how to be positive in every situation of life. We will begin to realize the hidden untapped power that’s within you. There is also a very famous quote written in this book that if you really think of achieving something then the whole world conspires in your favor.
  1. Therefore, it is an amazing and wonderful book. I would definitely like to read this book again as it evokes positive feelings within me. Every time I go through this book, I feel motivated and revitalized. Thanks


Follow-up questions

What’s the difference between films and books?

How will eBooks affect paper books?

Do you read before going to bed?

Do people read more nowadays?

How can books be best friends of someone?

What kinds of can be more useful for children?

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A book you would like to read againA book you would like to read again

A book you would like to read again

A book you would like to read again


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