Children Are Engaged in Some Kind of Paid Work. Some People Regard This as Completely Wrong

Children Are Engaged in Some Kind of Paid Work. Some People Regard This as Completely Wrong, While Others Consider It as Valuable Work Experience, Important for Learning and Taking Responsibility. What Are Your Opinions on This?

Sample 1 Children Are Engaged in Some Kind of Paid Work. Some People Regard This as Completely Wrong

Child labour has been very rampant, especially in the developing world. Though many people consider it an act that goes against children’s rights, others feel it is necessary to instil valuable work experience important for learning and taking responsibility. This essay will discuss why young ones should not be exploited for any reason.

To begin with, a high increase in illiteracy and a high rate of school dropouts have been detected. Most of the affected children are of school-going age and are able to comprehend the happenings in their surroundings, though very young and not up-to-task with the stressful and tiresome work that only adults can do. These extreme atrocities force them out of school, leading to high levels of illiteracy. For instance, In Kenya, specifically in Eldoret county, some researchers conducted a study on child development in 2019, revealing a high level of illiteracy in the lesser community aged three to 13 years. Some of these kids have never set foot in a classroom due to the high demand for coffee harvesting, processing for sale, as well as planting, thus subjecting them to long-extended working hours, all for a meagre wage.

Secondly, soaring records in societal problems have been observed. Drug addiction and early teenage pregnancies are just several effects of these malicious acts. The majority of the youth turn to sniffing glue and engaging in sexual acts at a very tender age to seek comfort and try to get their minds away from the suffering they are currently enduring, thus destroying them further. For example, in a recent study conducted in the villages of the remote parts of Congo, 70% of the young people work in plantations and as domestic workers in households and have exhibited a high level of drug abuse and misuse with some of the female victims getting pregnant as early as nine years.

On the contrary, we cannot ignore the very high poverty levels. Most of these boys and girls are from impoverished families that do not have any income, and considering many of these homes have more than ten children to feed, they tend to see them only as machines that need to be utilized in generating income or else they die of starvation. This is evident in Many parts of Tanzania, where it is estimated that 70% of the population, with children taking up 50% of this population, lives in extreme poverty with no visible income. This has resulted in about 845,000 lads going to field mines daily to earn a living.

All in all, we need to support global fights against child exploitation with a greater force than is currently there. Even though this will not be easy, considering the increasing poverty levels and other adverse economic factors affecting developing countries, families are left with no other alternative. However, this act is against humanity, and we need to save these children because they are the future, and if we cannot swiftly act against these acts of brutality, then we are slowly destroying this world.

Sample 2 Children Are Engaged in Some Kind of Paid Work. Some People Regard This as Completely Wrong

In the modern era, some adolescents often engage in certain kinds of work to earn money, which some people believe is not a good act. In contrast, others say it helps teenagers to get work experience and practical knowledge. This essay will explicate it in depth and mention my notion in the forthcoming paragraphs.

To begin with, children are engaged in certain kinds of work to earn money for various reasons. The predominant reason behind this is the lack of funds to get an education. To elaborate, it is common to see that some parents cannot pay money for their offspring’s education, owing to which teenagers have to work to earn money. The second reason behind this act is sometimes children want to become independent. Because of that, they work and study to fulfil their needs, and it is beneficial for them to earn experience. To explicate, in many foreign countries, it is a law that children have to work when they get 18, and it is helpful for them to become independent and make their own identity. So, it is good to enrol with any job to earn life experience as well as to make your own identity.

Furthermore, by enrolling in some jobs, teenagers learn about the value of money. To illustrate, it is observed that some children sometimes invest their money or use their money to buy things that are not needed, and they invest money without thinking for a second, forcing their parents to fulfil their requirements. They are not able to learn the value of money. For instance, A survey conducted by the Canadian government in 2018 revealed that those youth who are enrolled in jobs could learn more about the value of money than those dependent on their parents.

Overall, enrolment of children in jobs is a positive trend because it helps them become self-dependent, make their identity in society, and learn about the currency’s value. I am also in favour of this trend.

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