A cafe you visited speaking cue card IELTS EXAM

A cafe you visited

Talk about the interiors of the cafe

When did you visit

With whom

What did you like and dislike about it,

Today is the world of technology, and science new inventions are coming day be the day into the world. One of these famous inventions is the internet. It changes the life of the people entirely. Whether most people have the facilities of internet at their home but some people made it the source of income and adopted it as a profession. I am going to talk about the cafe which is opened in every city of the world abundance. Today I would like to talk about a cafe in my town where I visited last month. It was beautiful with all kind of facilities. It is situated in a peaceful area when I entered the cafe I saw that it is divided into different cabins where computer placed the floor was made of white marble, and it was shining like glass. The inside of the cafe was neat and clean. The roof of the cafe was decorated with pop the cafe was fully airconditioned. I visited there last month when my friend come from Canada, and he asked me about a cafe. So I went there with him we booked two computers for half an hour the minimum time for scheduling a computer is one hour so in spite of changing for half an hour they charged us for one hour. So I did not like this thing the thing. What I liked about the cafe is the comfortable the high-speed internet with 3d monitor screen with the high-quality picture, so that was an enjoyable experience for me.
( Gagandeep Singh Kahlon )


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A cafe you visited speaking cue card IELTS EXAMieltsfever cue card example January to April 2017 Describe a time you had good experience in the countryside

A cafe you visited

A cafe you visited

A cafe you visited



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