A Magazine Wants to Include Contributions from Its Readers for An Article: GT Writing Task 1

A Magazine Wants to Include Contributions from Its Readers for An Article Called ‘the Book that Influenced Me Most. Write a Letter to The Editor of The Magazine About the Book that Influenced You Most. in Your Letter,

  • Describe What This Book Was About.
  • Explain how This Book Influenced You.
  • Say Whether This Book Would Be Likely to Affect Other People.

Dear Editor,

I am writing to share with your readers the book that has influenced me the most. The book is “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.

This book guides spirituality and mindfulness and focuses on the idea that true happiness and fulfilment can only be found in the present moment. The author explores living in the “now” and how this can bring about a profound sense of peace and contentment.


Reading “The Power of Now” had a profound impact on me. It helped me to understand the importance of living in the present moment and how this can lead to a more fulfilling life. It also taught me how to quiet my mind and focus on the present, which has helped me to reduce my stress levels and increase my overall well-being.

I genuinely believe that this book has the potential to influence and positively impact many people. Its message is universal and can be applied to anyone looking to live a more mindful and fulfilling life. Whether someone is seeking greater peace and happiness or simply looking to gain a deeper understanding of the world around them, “The Power of Now” is a book that is sure to have a lasting impact.

Thank you for considering my contribution to your article.


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