A Person’s Worth Nowadays Seems to Be Judged According to Social Status and Material Possessions.

A person’s worth nowadays seems to be judged according to social status and material possessions. Old-fashioned values, such as honor, kindness, and trust, no longer seem important.

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In the Modernized world, the eminence of a person is calculated on his costly possessions rather than his helping nature. The culture that prevailed from our ancestors, that ‘sharing is caring’ is slowly seen diminishing. Many people acknowledge that this trend is natural. However, I completely do not disagree, as I believe humanity is still persistent. My viewpoint, along with the supportive statements are elucidated below.

The age-old saying “A man in need is a man indeed” still strongly personifies a man’s character. Even though people are currently on a wild goose chase as they are more inclined towards materialistic possessions, I concur that half of the population is doing the necessary services. For instance, various film stars and celebrities are involved in social service works and run free organizations to serve the needy. For example, a famous south Indian star supports heart surgeries for children by supplementing them with required capital. Secondly, globally youngsters are also involved in NGOs during their free time to assist the requirements.

On the flip side, the media and society have transformed the ideology of a successful man by projecting wealthy people as the epitome of achievement. To quote, the so-called media houses, as well as print media, announce the richest people in the world by exposing their net and gross worth in terms of money. Also, they openly publish their avantgarde machines showcasing a false notion that wealth overweighs your basic instincts. Consequently, behavioral traits such as kindness, concern are gradually declining.

In the final analysis, while fulfilling our desires is a victory for oneself, one can never ignore that help done at the correct time is worth a million. I concur that the government should recognize the people who actively participate in social services and award them to make it visible that helping others is the way we help ourselves.

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  1. Vipan Kumar

    Some people thinks that values, respect and kindness has no improtance. The only thing is important social status and material things for judge any individual’worth. I Disagree with this point of views and i will discuss my reasons in the upcoming paragraphs.

    There is no doubt that rich people get more and more respect according to their income. For example, Any individual have more money . If he can’t share their money with others, they called selfish. Neither give him respect and don’t like to make any relationship with them. However, There are many Prople who have more famous because of their donation. For example, in the case of Ratan Tata, he donate their half wealth for charity purpose. In past, he donate ₹500 crore to india government in the corona pandemic for fulfilling the requirement of medical equipments. He is very famous in whole world, not because of their income while for charities.

    There is many sports player, Actors who are famous because of their work as well as charities. They are famous because of honour, kindness towards suppoters. They influence millions of people through acting. Many people make them their own idols. For example, the bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is famous for their acting , charities purpose, kindness towards poor people . As a result, he is famous for acts and kindness, not for their income.

    In conclusion, it’s true that people get more respect , because of rich status and material things, but we can’t decline without money people can’t famous.

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