Describe a Place People Go to Listen Music IELTS Exam

Describe a Place People Go to Listen to Music

  • What kind of music is performed there?
  • What type of people go there?
  • Why people go there?
  • Explain your impressions of this place.  

Sample 2: Describe a Place People Go to Listen Music

Nowadays, with the advent of technology people have no need to go anywhere to listen to music because music is easily available on mobile phones, laptops, computers, and pen drives. one can not only enjoy music but watch videos also on social websites like Youtube.

But Today I would like to talk about a place where people can enjoy the traditional food but enjoy the live folk dance and music side by side there also. It is a place named well which is situated on the Ludhiana Jalandhar road. It is made in traditional old style and displays many traditional things related to our culture.

When people are enjoying the food, live music and dance are also performed by the expert folk dancers. They wear a colourful dress of folk dance bhangra with different traditional instruments of music in their hand. They danced on the rhythmic tunes of famous Punjabi songs.

People can kill the 2 birds with one stone. It is very famous among people of all over Punjab and people visited there from different places to eat delicious food and listen to music there. I often visit there with my family and friends when I got a chance to go there.

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SAMPLE 2: Describe a Place People Go to Listen Music

There are numerous occasions and places in our united states of America when musical occasions take vicinity in my united states. I would like to talk approximately a specific track occasion that takes place in my place of origin and this takes place at the start of the spring.

The event runs thru three-4 days and in 2-3 phases. within the first phase, the neighborhood track bands and people carry out and complete in the event. on the give up of the competition, 3 bands/ individuals are decided on and are provided. this is an important event because it makes the contributors famous in the united states of America.

This occasion is broadcasted on neighborhood television channel and in Radio. This event takes area in the metropolis hall auditorium. heaps of track enthusiasts and people attend the event to experience the tune and the competition. numerous types of track are played and among them, traditional, rock, people and current songs are most famous.

within the second phase, some famous singers and musicians carry out their personal songs and people revel in this very a whole lot. lots of human beings from one-of-a-kind elements of the country come to wait for the display and experience the track.

I’ve attended the occasion numerous times and enjoyed whenever to be there. The event draws lots of humans and a festivity is going on surrounding this event. I enjoy the music, the collection and the joyful celebration of this event.

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