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A Rise in The Standard of Living in A Country Often only Seems

A Rise in The Standard of Living in A Country Often only Seems

A rise in the standard of living in a country often only seems to benefit cities rather than rural areas. What problems can this cause? How might these problems be reduced?

Sample 1:-A Rise in The Standard of Living in A Country Often only Seems

Nowadays, the availability of modern facilities is increasing because of the advanced technology worldwide. However, the advancement of living standards has more positive effects in urban areas than in the countryside. It can generate a number of problems, and there are also some solutions to reduce the issues, which I have discussed in detail in the next paragraph.

To begin with, there are some issues that can take place in the nation; first and foremost, one is that people start to migrate from rural areas to urban areas. This is because people want to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, and job opportunities are also higher in cities, so they leave their native places and move to urban areas. In addition, the education institutes and hospitals have new technology. People can educate and also take good treatment if they live in a developed area. Thus, cities’ populations can increase drastically.

Furthermore, some solutions can help to tackle these issues. The first one is that the government should develop villages by building new roads, schools, and houses. These are people’s basic needs, so when they get this facility at their native place, they do not need to find any other place to survive. The government can also give loans to people willing to start their own businesses in the countryside. This can develop more jobs in that area so that individuals can earn independently in villages.

In conclusion, although people can face many problems, such as an increase in the number of people in cities, the government can solve them by providing loans and basic needs to the village’s people. It can motivate people to stay in their native places and reduce city migration.

Sample 2:-A Rise in The Standard of Living in A Country Often only Seems

Due to a higher ability to live in cities, the countryside negatively encourages the public to move outside. It has been causing issues such as overcrowding, and thus, the government might deal with that by making the village a good place for citizens to live.

First, because of the population, when people reach the city to change their lives, many rural areas suffer, and residential places become empty. Everybody travels and abandons the elderly public alone. As a result, a huge number of young members prefer modern areas. These days, big cities cannot handle many communities, creating many problems such as unemployment, and parents hardly ever find a school for their minors. For example, in Canada, most citizens enjoy living in Toronto, so the percentage of tax increases, and many people have a difficult time finding jobs, which puts the government under pressure to solve that issue.

On the other hand, the government must tackle the issue in the countryside, such as finding jobs or old school. In spite of public travel to have a new job, hence financial stability, or parents whose juveniles want a good education, the government might stop new people from leaving their areas for the city. The solution could be building many schools and increasing the salary for varied work. For instance, many rural places in America have the best standard for local people. Likewise, the biggest city and the minors from the countryside have useful learning than the idea of leaving for another place is needless for them.

In conclusion, It has raised the quality of living in the city rather than the countryside, which many individuals and the forceful for government to solve.

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