A Small Number of People Earn Extremely High Salaries: IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics

A small number of people earn extremely high salaries. Some people believe this is good for the country, but others think governments should not allow wages above a certain level. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Sample 1

High wages are paid to a few employees, who have distinct abilities, who make an immense contribution to improving their society or a nation. Some people opine that the state should have a limit on regular stipends, and these must not be above the limit. In my perspective, high income must be given to the deserved personnel as they are the ones who assist in escalating the economy of a nation as they pay high-income tax.

According to the first school of thought, they say because these people have extraordinary abilities and higher grades in academic programmes make them the most selective candidate in the staff hiring process. To exemplify it, such personnel as doctors, engineers, singers or leaders are best fit in certain jobs, owing to their qualifications and needs in society. Moreover, they have spent a huge amount of money on their education and their sleepless hours for their work make them able to get high remuneration. So it is justice for them if they get bigger salaries.

By contrast, others have opposite views. They consider it is good to give them huge salaries; however, the government must not exceed the limit of their salaries. Firstly, it will create disparity among other employees. Resultantly, diffidence and enthusiasm for doing work will diminish, and they will not be ready to do something valuable for their companies. Secondly, relationships that the staff have with their seniors or subordinated will disappear. Employees will lack humanitarian feelings. Last but not least, the government’s economy will be at a standstill as these are the people who are great taxpayers, and in their absence, development in other areas will come to a halt. Because the money that is generated from taxes is used in many domains- education, medical, and to name but a few.

In conclusion, thus it is apparent that higher salaries generate higher taxes and it also raises the standard of society; however, if it is kept within a limit; then, it will kill personnel’s interest, and they will avoid doing good for their nation, and they will be more focused on earning money by using illegal ways.

Sample 2

Most people desire a handsome salary, but in many nations, only a few individuals receive lucrative remuneration. According to some, it benefits the nation, while others argue that the government should decide the upper limit of salary. However, I do not support the latter view as I believe that there should be no fixed limit decided by the government and people should receive the money that they deserve according to their job. In the upcoming paragraphs, I will discuss both views and my opinion.

There are few professions in which people are highly paid. These professions include engineers, scientists, doctors, lawyers and many more. However, they receive this payment after working hard for it; moreover, their work includes daily challenges. To cite an example, to become a doctor, one has to sacrifice many important years of his/her life, and even after becoming a doctor, their life is not easy as they have night duties. So, sometimes they are sleep deprived and overburdened; furthermore, the medical field advances every day, so they have to keep learning for the rest of their lives. After doing this much hard work, they deserve a good amount of money. In addition, this will also benefit the country as high-earning individuals also pay high taxes and help boost the economy. If the government tries to limit salary, many people will not prefer to stay in the nation and try to settle overseas for a better life. Hence, limiting salary is not a good option.

On the other hand, People who believe that the government should set a limit for it thinks that if some will receive a higher salary and others will receive a nominal or basic salary, it will create a discrepancy in society, and the difference between rich and poor will be increased, and this might affect the unity of the nation. Moreover, there will be a burden on the government to do something for the betterment of the poor. For instance, the government has to allot some jobs and college quotas to economically backwards classes. Because of this quota, many deserving individuals do not receive jobs or seats in college, which is quite unfair. Therefore, some people propose not to provide a salary above a certain limit to maintain a level in society.

In my opinion, there should not be any limit decided by the government because if citizens do not receive enough money for their hard work, many will not choose difficult professions or even if they choose the work, quality will be affected because a high salary is also a form of motivation and people feel responsible for their work. To illustrate, if any employee is working on an important project, but at the last moment something happens, he/she would be ready to do overtime and give his/her complete efforts if he/she is paid sufficiently. Moreover, High earning people can also offer help during difficult situations such as in covid 19 pandemic. Many individuals donated money to the needy. So, not limiting salary has much more merits than limiting.

To conclude, remuneration for work is a good form of motivation for many, and people work hard to receive a good amount of money. If the government tries to control this, many of us will definitely suffer in terms of quality of work. Also, to be fair, one must receive money according to his/her hard work, isn’t it?

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