You Have Bought Furniture from A Store: AC Writing Task 1

You have bought furniture from a store. When you received it, there were some damages. Write a letter to the manager:

  • Gave information to him about the table.
  • Explain the damage.
  • Asking the manager to do something.

Sample 1

Dear Mr Watson,

I am writing to express my discontent with an object I ordered from your furniture company. I was taken aback to see its pitiable condition.

Let me inform you that I had ordered a traditional wooden table with some artwork on its surface. Although it was pricey, I did not hesitate to spend more because it had inbuilt lights and a free gift of a cup and saucer set. Besides, an additional delivery charge has already been paid to you.

You would be astonished to hear that there were scratches on it and one leg of it was broken. The wood that has been used is common nowadays. It was not stylish or smooth as I had already expressed that it must be made of timber, but it had not the same properties.

Would you be kind enough to sort out this problem by replacing it or sending my money back to me? You had better tell your employees about the damaged object- they will be more careful in dispatching such fragile items.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Yours Sincerely,

Sample 2

Dear Sir,

I hope you are doing great. This is Shreya Thakkar, a customer of your furniture shop writing to complain about the furniture I received yesterday.

I came to your shop last Saturday for shopping, and I bought one dining table set which included six chairs and a table, one double bed, and one cupboard. I have made complete payment using my credit card, and I was assured that I would receive the delivery of it on Thursday.

I did receive my order on Thursday, but a few things are damaged. First of all, two dining table chair cushions are not attached to it, and the glass of the table has a small crack on the left side. Moreover, the cupboard is not closing properly. These are not the same item I selected during my visit as so many things have been damaged.

Hence, I would like you to send a person who can take it all back and deliver the products I had selected during my visit. I will not accept a repaired product as I have paid for a brand new product, not a refurbished one, and If u didn’t do that, I would like a complete refund of my payment.

I am hoping for prompt appropriate action from your side.

Yours Sincerely,

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