A Time when You Were Stuck in A Traffic Jam Speaking Cue Card with Answer IELTS EXAM

A time when you were stuck in a traffic jam speaking cue card with an answer

Well, due to modernization, traffic increases day by day 🌆. Everyone prefers to use their own vehicle 🚗 rather than public transport 🚌, so in urban cities, traffic jams are a very common problem 🚦.

Here, I would like to talk about a situation when I was stuck in a traffic jam. Last month, I was going back to my home from my office. I encountered heavy traffic on my way.

I also got stuck in this traffic. I asked someone what the matter was. Then, he told me that a college bus tried to overtake a truck, but unfortunately, they had an accident 💥.

In this accident, one student died on the spot, and some others were injured badly 🚑. After the accident, the Student Union blocked all the roads to protest the deceased student ✊.

The police came there after half an hour and sorted out the matter 🚓. I was stuck there for almost 3 hours. I helped some police officers to sort it out and helped to clear all the traffic 🛣️.

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It was a severe traffic jam in which several students were injured. That day was very bad for me because, after seeing the accident, I couldn’t control my emotions 😢. But I learned one thing: drive carefully, say no to hurry or overtake 🚫💡.

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