Advertisements Part 1 Questions With Answer: IELTS Speaking Test

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Advertisements Part 1 Questions With Answer: IELTS Speaking Test. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Advertisements Part 1 Questions With Answer: IELTS Speaking Test

Question 1:- Are you interested in watching TV advertisements or internet advertisements?

Answer 1:- I love watching TV, so I also prefer watching adverts on television during the break between a movie. Internet advertisements are TDS, and it is kind of boring, so I don’t like them.

Answer 2:- Yes, I often see a lot of advertisements anywhere else founding, even in this world full of advertisements, and we also see an advertisement on our videos objects like the internet as well as television, so I think television is one of the most sources of advertisement even it contains the immense advert of the products which they required to boost the sales, so I often to see your many advertisements on the internet as well as on television.

Question 2:- What kind of advertisement do you like the most?

Answer 1:- I like adverbs related to health drinks because they tell us what nutrients and vitamins are available and when we have the consumer sees that, even I started to purchase those drinks, and I became Health Care in Healthcare.

Answer 2:- Well, I like a lot of advertisements but most of the time I always like Mumbai il advertisement because I get aware about the new product will be launched in a market sometimes I also find branded shoes as Wali clothing which is useful in a day to day life because I’m kind of fashion freak and always follows all the advertisements over the internet, so I strongly recommend this advertisement in my daily routine.

Question 3:- What kinds of advertisements do you dislike?

Answer 1:- Despite that, words which shuttle people about their physical appearance, for instance, there is an and which says that you can reduce weight in 23 weeks which I feel is practically impossible.

Answer 2:- Well, there are a few advertisements which I don’t like because it contains a lot of harmful substances such as tobacco as well as cigarette and smoking advertisement. I don’t like them because they impact on a human lifestyle which is usually used by people and suffers from drastic consequences in the future so I think these adverts haven’t place in my country and should be banned by the local authorities.

Question 4:- Do advertisements influence your choice of product?

Answer 1:- Really, but as I said, the healthy health drink which was on TV really made an influence, and I started buying that, so maybe this product alone I was influenced with

Answer 2:- Yes, advertisements help to influence the products which I like even advertisement increase and skyrocketed the sales of products and which get popularity in a short time of period even advertisement also influence by a lot of youngsters to attract a lot of products will be launch shortly in a market, so they always get attracted by them and also follow us in their day to day life.

Question 5:- Do you share advertisements with others?

Answer 1:- No, not really. I don’t share at work with people because most of my friends feel that it is appropriate, and they just want to influence people to buy their products.

Answer 2:- Yes, I would like to share an immense advertisement with my friends as well as family members because they also give their interest in the advertisement, so some of the products are all too useful in their life, so I follow on social media.

Question 6:- Do you want to work in advertising in the future?

Answer 1:- I think it’s not a bad idea to be a part of an advertisement, but I have some sort of different plans because I want to become a sexual Sourabh IN engineer in my field, so I think it could be better for me because I have no experience about the marketing and I choose the BTech, so I want to start my career in this field.

Question 7:-Are there many advertisements in your country?

Answer 1:- Oh yes, there are a lot of adverbs which are being made and published on various platforms nowadays. Even social media celebrities are sponsoring and taking funds when they advertise their own products, and they also give some kind of incentives.

Answer 2:- Yes, the advertisement is in my country art only and countable because they are numerous of companies of a salon immense advertisements over the social media over the roads and internet so I think whole the world is full with their advertisement so I think it also becomes a part of our life and we also gain a lot of knowledge from the internet which product would be launched shortly in the market so I think it is a kind of important for us.

Question 8:-Why do you think there are so many advertisements now?

Answer 1:- It is the best way to convey their product and what it is all about. Without advertisements, people don’t know what manufacturer or what product they are manufacturing producing, and it won’t reach the people easily, so this is the reason why AdWords is becoming prominent.

Answer 2:- The world has been a nice global Village, so due to the abundance of inventions, they like to boost – CS in a short time of period so then take help from advertisement and the tendency of people is a quite increase as compared to the past and people don’t have a sufficient time to check the important in the market, so they open to see all the new product over there and also follows the advertisement applications, so the advertisement is a kind of common in my country, so we see anywhere else we also found a lot of advertisement posted as well as banners which include some information about the two important products.

Question 9:-What are the various places where we see advertisements?

Answer 1:- There are numerous locations where we see ads. Just I was when I was coming to this place, and I saw you holding a Five Star chocolate. It tells that it is if you consume the chocolate, you can be on cloud nine, and your stress with its a good stress buster as well.

Answer 2:- There are plenty of places we easily see advertisements. We mainly see advertisements on the television, as well as on the internet. I think it is one of the hubs of the advertisement because the usage of the internet by the people is quite large apart from that when we visit any kind of place, is market shopping malls complex we easily find advertisement banners, so I think all the country filled up with the advertisement so when we in travelling to other places we often to see a roadside advertisement.

Question 10:-How do you feel about advertisements?

Answer 1:- I have mixed thoughts on Edward’s advertisements. It is an excellent way to reach people and tell them to buy their product; however, sometimes, it is really a manipulator, and people might make some decisions when seeing those after seeing your sideburns.

Answer 2:- I have some strong perspectives about the advertisement. I know it’s a kind of part of our life, and these depend on the advertisement or nowadays because a lot of products will be launched in a market we don’t have time to see the products over there, so we generally found the all the new upcoming essentials over the advertisement so apart from that too much advertisement is a not a good for the human life because they are some harmful companies also promote their illegal products on an international platform which people get habitual and also and try to apply in their day to day life, so I think it also has some pros and cons.

Question 11:-Have you ever bought anything after seeing its advertisements?

Answer 1:- Yes, I bought a lot of products after seeing advertisements. Even recently, I bought a mobile phone because the hype of that Mumbai phone is quite large over the internet, and I often see advertisements on YouTube and also search for the specifications of that machine. After that, I made up my mind and bought a new mobile phone from the advertisement even though I also got a 50% discount from the coupon which I got over the banner.

Question 12:-What are the differences between advertisements on television and those in magazines?

Answer 1:- The adverbs telecasted on TV show a clear picturization and how other transformations will be after using or consuming the product; however, magazines only show the product’s end result.

Answer 2:- Advertisement on television or more striking because instead of listing out some facts when you cereal corrected playing out, they tend to strike a battery charged with Max in the air is static so there would be information and taglines that simply get printed.

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