All Children Should Be Made to Wear School Uniforms: Writing Task 2

All Children should be made to wear school uniforms. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Many schools follow specific rules and regulations per the school management’s norms and conditions. Wearing school dress is very important for every pupil in the school, and it shows the identification of each and every student who comes to school.

The different schools follow separate colour codes for their school uniform. For instance, if the school attire colour code is blue and white, then the girl students will wear a white shirt and blue colour gown along with school ties, belts, badges, black colour ribbons to plait their hair and black shoes and socks. Similarly, the boys would wear a white shirt and blue pants along with the same school tie, belts, badges, black shoes and socks.

On a particular day, the whole school students have to wear a white dress called a sport to dress once a week and on special occasions like National festivals. School children of all age groups will be assembled on school grounds to perform prayer every day. This is a daily activity in each and every institution. However, each student looks very pretty in their school uniform and dignified, showing school pride, unity and community spirit.

Uniforms in every school must be mandatory, and students should be punctual to school. Purchase of everyday civil clothing will be reduced for the parents to their wards if they wear a school dress as a mandatory to the school. Schools abroad won’t have the concept of wearing a school uniform. This also looks good when students go in typical attire.
In Conclusion, wearing a school uniform should be made compulsory in each school so that each student looks decently and dignified.

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