An Increasing Number of People Are Choosing Cosmetology Surgery to Improve Their Appearance

an increasing number of people are choosing cosmetology surgery to improve their appearance. What are the reasons? Do you think is it a positive or negative development?

Sample Answer – An Increasing Number of People Are Choosing Cosmetology Surgery to Improve Their Appearance

Plastic surgery has become so popular among people these days to enhance their appearance. This is because of a lack of confidence in their overall appearance and numerous cosmetic company advertisements. In my opinion, I believe it has a negative effect due to the fact that it is expensive and harmful.

To begin with, beautification through surgery has become well-known owing to the fact that people are not comfortable with their appearance. They want to become more beautiful, and they want to look like their famous celebrity. Hence this makes them engage in such acts. Moreover, several cosmetic companies tend to advertise their products every day; with this placed advert on everyone’s phone, the public is convinced to try the product out. For example, an acquaintance of mine recently opted for liposuction surgery. She has been so obsessed with losing weight, and she found out about this procedure through an advertisement on the internet. Thus, lack of confidence in one’s appearance and advertisements play a major role in making people opt for plastic surgery.

However, aesthetic surgery is a development that should not be encouraged because it involves many risks. Firstly, it is harmful; people can contract various kinds of disease and just like other surgeries, there are complications of anaesthesia overdose, bleeding, blood clot formation and death. For instance, in recent research by World Health Organization, 55% of people died worldwide in 2021 as a result of cosmetic operations. Secondly, it is expensive. Most people that can afford it are wealthy and famous. This leads to the average individual spending their life savings on this procedure, and eventually, if complications arise, they will not have enough money to sort it out. Hence, cosmetic surgery is a procedure that must be weighed carefully.

In conclusion, the aesthetic operation has become a growing demand these days, a totally unacceptable development considering Heath’s impact and cost.

Sample 2 An Increasing Number of People Are Choosing Cosmetology Surgery to Improve Their Appearance

In the contemporary era, many people are willing to do plastic surgery to betterment their looks. There are many reasons for this development, such as increasing complexity in nature, competition in the workplace and many more. From my perspective, I presume it is a positive development.

To begin with, in ancient times, people did not have this kind of facility to groom themselves according to their wishes. On the other hand, in today’s world, there are a lot of advancements in the cosmetology department to change one’s personal appearance. To cite a real-time example, especially in the film industry, most actresses normally undergo cosmetic surgery to improvise their outlook to compete with co-workers. One of the renowned debut actresses in the Tamil industry was recently named Miss. Athulya Ravi dramatically transformed her facial parts, such as her nose, cheeks and teeth. Besides that, changing personalities will surge their confidence level to the next step.

Moreover, these types of improvisation will help in various aspects. One such useful thing is hair transplantation which supports people who are losing their hair at a younger age. Besides this, alternatively, aid people suffering from lots of criticism because of their appearance, such as facial look, body structure, skin colour and so on. In general, humans commonly face a major challenge in hair growth in the face, hands, and legs. Due to this, they cannot get involved with other people without reluctance. Indeed, to avoid this, there is a method in cosmetology called waxing and sugaring, where individuals can get rid of hair growth.

To conclude, it is evident that increasing cosmetology surgery supports people in overcoming their challenges and helps to groom themselves. Hence, the development is positive.

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