Although the Prices of Fuels Have Greatly Increased Over the Last Decade

Although the prices of fuels have greatly increased over the last decade or two, it is argued that further increases in fuel prices are the only way to reduce world consumption of fuel and lessen pressure on the world’s fuel resources. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Sample Answer of Although the prices of fuels have greatly increased over the last decade or two


Since the beginning of this century price of fuel has had drastically inclined, it is believed by many that an increment in fuel prices is the major option to prevent the consumption of fossil fuel and its resources. I believe this could be rev not only putting pressure on price but also the consumption of many industries and activities need to cut down their pace to conserve it. Firstly, this essay shall discuss how fossil fuels are important to the world and people are recklessly using them, secondly, it will argue those mega industries and certain human activities putting it in peril.

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The impact of fuels on this earth is very integral and precious since its introduction to the human community. We have been utilizing such resources in many fields as in transportations, manufacturing industries, and so on. Among them mostly it consumes by humans in commute. However, people have been treating it more reliable source and affordable hence we are undermining the importance of this coal mining industry. Cutting price is not just the primary solution but we need to find other ways to overcome this challenge such as the restoration of trees and plantations, and utilizing electric vehicles to reduce the consumption of fuels. For instance, China has established an electric network thought the country to encourage individuals to purchase E-vehicles. Thus, the invention of electronic vehicles might be fortunate for the earth.


However, many giant industries are putting a whole nation in jeopardize by using unnecessary carbon fuels and wasting them to manufacture their new products such as paint chemicals, some plastic powders, and so on. For example, Indian manufacturing companies utilizing fuels to make plastic powder, which ultimately harms nature and resources. Therefore, stopping the usage of coal and fuel in industries would help us to restore our natural resources.



To conclude, we should pragmatically approach it instead of taking only a defensive manner to solve this global issue.


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