Choose One of The Following Transportation Vehicles and Explain Why You Think

Choose one of the following transportation vehicles and explain why you think it has changed people’s lives. Automobiles, bicycles, aeroplanes. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

The invention of the automobile is undoubtedly one of the humankind’s greatest inventions. It had a great impact on people’s lives. For several reasons that will be mentioned below I think that the invention of the automobile dramatically changed the way people lived before.

First of all, automobiles allowed people to move faster from one place to another. This in one’s turn, dramatically increased people’s life pace. The distance was no longer of that importance. It was a new means of communication. Second of all, nowadays it is rather difficult to imagine life without a car. People can not do virtually anything without a car. Just imagine for a moment that one does not have a car. One needs to go to an office, get a haircut, buy some food, watch a movie, meet one’s friend, etc. To get all these done he uses a car to move fast from one place to another.

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In addition, people can travel using their own vehicle. It is great because one can travel independently, without any train schedules. Finally, I think that the invention of the automobile was inescapable. People could not continue using trains and horses to meet their life requirements. Moreover, just imagine for a moment how many horses people would need nowadays. I think we would talk about horse overpopulation as well as human overpopulation.

Unfortunately, the invention of the automobile has some negative aspects. The most obvious aspect of this is road accident. Every day, many people suffer from different injuries. Also, with the invention of the automobile humankind came across with the problem of air pollution. A huge amount of cars every day throw out poisonous matter in the air. I believe that soon we all will be able to exchange our cars for those which use sun energy instead of fuel.

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