An Animal You Like the Most Speaking Cue Card with Answer IELTS EXAM

An animal you like the most speaking cue card with answer. Or Talk about an interesting/unique animal you have seen.  You should say:

  • Which is it?
  • Where did you see it?
  • How was it interesting?


Well, I like lot of wild animals such as tiger, lion, elephant, leopard, and so on. However, my favourite animal is an elephant. I have seen it a lot of times but last time I saw it in the zoo on a trip to Delhi.

Reasons for liking

I like an elephant because it is unique in a lot of ways.

  1. It is huge and the largest animal alive but still it looks so cute and innocent.
  1. In Asian cultures, an elephant is the symbol of wisdom. It is famous for its exceptional memory. In Hindu culture, it is given the status of a god and worshipped as lord ‘Ganesha’
  1. An elephant has some special features. For example, it has two ears which are quite big. It also has four teeth; two are quite large and visible. The other two are hidden.
  1. However, the most interesting part is the trunk which is about seven feet in general. The elephant uses its trunk for various purposes like spraying the water and lifting the weights.
  1. Moreover the elephants are social creatures. They sometimes ‘hug’ each other by wrapping their trunks together to show love and affection.
  1. Also, just as a human baby sucks its thumb, an elephant calf often sucks its trunk for comfort.

All these features make elephant quite interesting and incredible animal. It is by far an amazing animal on the earth. Thanks

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Follow-up questions

  1. What kind of animals do people normally have in their home?
    2. Tell me about an animal you saw which is very rare in your hometown.
    3. Why do people have pets in their homes?
    4. Do you think people do not respect animals these days as compared to the past?
    5. Earlier people used animals for their work. Now, what do people use to do their work?
    6. Researchers are being conducted on animals, is it a good idea?
    7. So many animals are on the verge of extinction these days. What do you think about this? Why is it happening?

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