An Increase In The Production Of Consumer Goods Results In Damaging The Environment

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An increase in the production of consumer goods results in damaging the environment. What are the causes of this, and give a positive solution?

The ecosystem is getting deteriorated by the expansion of consumer goods manufacturing. I strongly agree with this statement because demand for consumer stock has increased dramatically in recent years and to meet this demand, manufacturers have started growing their production sites to the natural habitat which ultimately causes the worsening of the ecological system.

To begin with, the day-by-day increase in the human population leading to a higher demand for consumer goods is the main cause of environmental destruction. To cater to the requirement, companies are clearing the luscious green landscape and cutting down trees to build more factories to produce more goods. This whole construction not only is minimizing the natural surrounding but also it is affecting the natural environment like water bodies and the atmosphere. To explain further, wastes carry chemicals, which were used in the process are incorrectly disposed of into the rivers thus contaminating the water and the harmful gases released from the factories also aid in polluting the air which creates smog.

Furthermore, pollution in the air causes acid rain that is harmful to our ecosystem and also it destroys the crops in the field which makes it inedible and poisonous. Additionally, water from sources like lakes or rivers which is contaminated with industrial wastes can impose serious health threats to the people using it for domestic purposes like drinking, etc.

Measures should be taken as soon as possible to minimize the negative environmental impacts associated with increased consumer goods. The most important one is recycling, which will enable society members to reuse some products. Also, companies should ensure to use eco-friendly materials. For example, many companies have replaced the use of plastic materials such as straws, glasses, or plates with paper and bamboo. Even in some countries, the use of green energy is being promoted at a more extensive scale and also sold at a cheaper rate than traditional fuels. Finally, taking correct measures by the companies ensuring not to release the contaminated wastes directly into the water. Such wastes should be filtered and cleaned before releasing in the environment.

In conclusion, as our natural environment is getting polluted by an increase in the production of consumer goods, there should be appropriate actions such as recycling or use of natural materials considered which can help in sustaining our ecosystem.

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