Describe a Water Sport You Would Like to Try in The Future

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Describe a water sport you would like to try in the future.

  • What did you do?
  • When did you do it?
  • How did you feel about it?
  • Why did that achievement make you proud?

Semple: Describe a Water Sport You Would Like to Try in The Future

I’m living in Gujarat state, and I’ve never visited any beaches in my life, so I want to go to some beaches to do some watersports and some other activities. So here I would like to talk about one watersport that I want to do, and there are also many other sports.

I would like to do it, but first of all, I need to do rafting, which is famous among many people. I told my friend many times, so he told me how he did it; I was very excited to do that after he told me. I also convinced my other friend to go out to do this water rafting.

It’s not famous in my state, but in states like Himachal, there are many rivers, so they have many places to do water rafting. We are planning to go there next summer, and my friend and I are very excited about that. And we also do some preparation and have spent the same amount of money.

I also read reviews about Many people wrote on Google about water rafting and watched many videos on YouTube on how to do water rafting because you need to understand basic things about how to control it because water rafting is an eight-person water sport, and every eight people have the same responsibility to control it.

It is a very amazing sport because to control it, every eight people need to have mutual understanding among each other. That is why I want to try this watersport.

Part 3 Questions: Describe a Water Sport You Would Like to Try in The Future

Question 1: How do you measure a person’s success?

Answer:- It is very difficult to measure success. Success is very subjective to different people and gives a different meaning to success. For some, learning a lot of money means success. For others, leading a life in which they can help others means success.

Question 2: Do you think the way people gain success has changed?

Answer:- It’s the way people gain success that has changed. Earlier, people needed a lot of hard work, and success was limited to small areas. Only politicians, film stars, and sportspersons who were in the news or on national TV were successful in a wide area, but nowadays, because of reality shows, any person with some talent can become successful overnight.

Question 3: How do you define success?

Answer:- It is very difficult to define success. For some people, success is making a lot of money, and for some people, success is leading life in a good way. And for me, 2nd, one is the most crucial one.

Question 4: How to reward successful people?

Answer:- We can reward successful people by acknowledging their work. Some awards can be given some mandatory benefits, and sometimes giving a promotion is a good way to reward successful people.

Question 5: What qualities must a person have to succeed?

Answer:- Abortion should be hard-working. She or she should have good communication skills and dare to take calculated risks or naturally to be helping others.

Question 6: Is failure a necessary thing in people’s lives?

Answer:- Yes, without knowledge, we can never enjoy success without knowing about the night. We can never enjoy the day without unhappiness, and we can never enjoy happiness. The freedom we have, Anjun, today is also because we have been under British rule for a long time.

Question 7: Is it important for young people to have some achievement?

Answer:- It is very critical, but I can see having achievement gives young people confidence, and they can work more in the future. And achievement give them a sense of desire so they can do more thing the next time

Question 8: Which one is more important, personal goals or work goals?

Answer:- I think both are equally important. Life is about balance. We can’t ignore either because we ultimately feel something is missing if she ignores either. However, it is a fact that most people tend to ignore Poisson Core as they aren’t monetarily rewarded like work goals.

Question 9: Does everyone set goals for themselves?

Answer:- Yes, I think everyone shares goals for themselves. They might not excited to say what they want, but Everyone has certain goals in their minds. also, some people are more motivated than others, so we feel like some people don’t have goals

Question 10: Do you think material rewards are more important than other rewards at work?

Answer:- It is unnecessary; it depends on the people who care about money, but it is about recognition and appreciation.

Question 11: What makes people feel proud of themselves?

Answer:- Speaking from a personal perspective, it is about achieving something I knew was challenging. I feel proud when I think I did better than I expected. In addition, I feel proud when I do something that brings happiness to my family.

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