Increase in Production of Consumer Goods Results Damaging

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An increase in the production of consumer goods results in damaging the environment. What are the causes of this, and give a positive solution?

Sample 1:-An Increase in The Production of Consumer Goods Results in Damaging

In recent times the intense production of a high proportion of consumer goods has damaged the environment. In the following passages, I will elaborate on the reasons and mention some of the measures to reverse this trend.

It has been observed that as the fashion industry grows, every few months, new outfits are launched by celebrities. This is vastly accepted by society, and companies run into massive production of such materials, which very soon become outdated as new designs are launched. The companies use huge amounts of raw materials to produce this clothing. The farmers also find it more lucrative to grow up cotton and give up their natural cultivation. This results in an imbalance in the farming and environmental cycles, also affecting the food chain. The result is by the time new clothes are purchased, the recent fashion becomes outdated and loses the market ending up in a pile of unused garments and consumption of natural resources like cotton.

The second illustration I wish to cite is about the dairy industry. When new lattes and milkshakes are introduced in the cafés of high society. The demand for such natural resources soars, and more milk is produced where the cows are fed with chemicals to enhance more milk which reduces the life span of the cattle. This milk product, if not sold or marketed, ends up on the shelf with a minor life span and might even end up in the drain.

To control this kind of waste, the authorities should come up with regulations to cap the production at some point and not outnumber just because there is a demand which may not be realistic and the second measure is to introduce alternatives like for clothing the materials should be recycled and used and for dairy, they can use soya or almond milk, etc. Thus, if the authorities are vigilant and introduce such rules, at the same time, the companies also feel responsible and practice their ethics towards the consumption of raw materials. We all can save the environment for our selfish reasons.

Sample 2:-An Increase in The Production of Consumer Goods Results in Damaging

Nowadays, the demand for consumer goods is increasing as much as the damage has been inflicted on the environment. In this essay, I will discuss the main problem and provide a solution to how we can control this.

First of all, as the demand for consumer goods is increasing the same, the production of these things is also increasing due to the production of these products harming the environment in two ways: chemical & land pollution. During the manufacturing process, a number of waste materials are also produced at the same time, which are released in rive or composted in the land. After some time, all raw waste materials come in contact with rivers or seas, which is the main reason for water pollution, and for this reason, a number of animals and birds are getting sick and dying. Moreover, when this waste product remains the same for thousands of years, it becomes a cause of land pollution also.

In the last, to resolve these issues, governments and the responsible person have to take necessary action to reduce the impacts on the environment. Firstly, companies should promote to use of eco-friendly materials. For instance, avoid using plastics bag; instead of that, we can use paper bags. Nowadays, all shopkeepers are using this for their customers to carry goods. In addition, many states in India are using natural sources of energy instead of dynamo, in which fossil fuels are used to generate electricity.

In conclusion, there are two main reasons why the environment is impacted by the increase in the production of consumer goods. To reduce the issue, governments and people have to join the eco-friendly method.

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