IELTSFever Cue Card Example an Interesting Neighbour

IELTSFever cue card example An interesting neighbour, An interesting neighbour Or  Describe a person you enjoy talking with. Or talk about a stranger/ person you met and liked Or talk about an interesting meeting. Or talk about an interesting person. Or talk about an intelligent person

  • Who was it?
  • Where did you meet him/her?
  • What did you like about him/her?


I would love to talk about an old person who is in fact our neighbor.   His name is Mr. Surinder Singh and he is a retired S.P of Punjab police. He is around 65 years of age and I meet him on almost daily basis.

What is interesting about him?

  1. This gentleman is a wonderful and incredible human being. He is a very interesting person just because of his attitude to life. He is actually a cancer patient. The doctors have already told him that he won’t be alive for more than one year.
  1. But still he is so positive and energetic. He always keeps smiling and tries to make others happy. He always cracks jokes and behaves in such a manner as if nothing has happened.  Rather he is enjoying every moment of life.  I have never seen him sad or depressed.
  1. Any ordinary human being would feel depressed in such a situation but not him. He seems to be made of a different mettle altogether.
  1. One day I asked him that is he not scared of death? And he replied that we all have to die one day or the other. No one can escape from death. In fact death is the only reality. So why get scared of it?
  1. I was really impressed by the answer to be honest. His life is highly motivating and inspiring. I salute him for his attitude and spirit.
  1. Although we all know the ultimate truth but still every one of us is praying a lot for him. Perhaps our prayers might get heard by the almighty. 

Follow-up questions

  1. How old people can be useful for society?
  2. What is the attitude of the young people towards old people normally in your country?

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