Describe another language (not English) you would like to learn

# Describe another language (not English) you would like to learn

You should say:

  • What language it would be
  • How you would learn it
  • What difficulties you think you would have
  • And explain why you would choose to study this language

I’m going to tell you about another language that interests me- Spanish. For one, it’s quite useful, with 21 countries speaking Spanish worldwide. Apart from the logical reasons to learn it, I associate it with being a passionate language, which is appealing to me; it sounds romantic. I’m even more interested since I’ve always had a guilty pleasure (something you are embarrassed to enjoy) of watching soap operas (Latin drama shows; telenovelas) and enjoyed Latin dance.

I would start by watching some Youtube videos, listening to music, and by changing the English subtitles on my soap operas to Spanish. Furthermore, I would like to find a teacher online or in person. Of these two options, I want to find a one-on-one Spanish tutor online to save time and amplify learning time. Since I would prefer to learn this way, there isn’t much equipment I would need- merely a good pair of headphones and a reliable wifi connection.

I can imagine that pronunciation may be an issue for me since Russian is my mother tongue. However, since I already have adequate mastery of English, I feel that there may be some cognates (words that look similar in two languages). Furthermore, I worry about the writing, since that was a struggle for me in English. However, all in all, I seem to have a knack for (to be good at) languages, so I feel confident in myself.

Apart from my reasons listed above, I think Spanish can open up new career opportunities for me, as I work in Telecommunications. Furthermore, since I’m thinking about relocating to a warmer climate, Spain could be an option for me. Lastly, I’ve always dreamt of having a Latin lover, so perhaps learning the language could open up this window of opportunity for me. All in all, every word stretches your mind to new dimensions and opens new doors (new opportunities), so it’s never a waste!

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