Describe a radio program that you found interesting

# Describe a radio program that you found interesting

You should say:

  • what this program was
  • when and where you listened to this program
  • what the contents of the plan were and explained why you liked this program

Sample Answer

I’m not very into radio programs anymore as Spotify and iTunes are on the rise, but let me tell you about one I used to be into back in the day (in the past). When my mother used to drive me to school in the morning, we used to listen to a radio show. I can’t even remember the name and I don’t think it was a program intended for children, but I recall that it was on station 99.5.

It was a morning talk show with various topics, from news, pranks, competitions, and trivia. As it usually started around 7:30 am the typical commute time for adults. In between the talk shows, they would play pop or alternative hits from the ’90s. As many of the topics that they talked about were way over my head, I much preferred the musical bits of it.

During the news parts of it, they would discuss the current events of that week and allow people to call in to share their opinions as well. The pranks sometimes involved the ex-lovers of the callers who called in to play this trick on them. Furthermore, they often held competitions or trivia with a prize, such as a concert or theatre tickets. I remember my mom and I got up extra early to call in to try to win tickets to the Backstreet Boys concert, which we, unfortunately, didn’t win.

At the time, I only liked the pranking part of it. Since I was a child, this was the only content I found humorous. Looking back, I can appreciate that my mother put on this program so that I could hear trivia questions and news stories as a child, although the horrifying news stories were disturbing to me at times. All and all, this program defined my mornings in the ’90s.

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