Art & Photography Part 1 Questions With Answer: IELTS Speaking Test

Art & Photography Part 1 Questions With Answer: IELTS Speaking Test. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Art & Photography Part 1 Questions With Answer: IELTS Speaking Test

Question 1. Do you like art?

Answer 1:- I’m not a big fan of it. However, if something pleases the eyes, I will stare at it.

Answer 2:- Yes, I loved watching it last Sunday. I went to an art gallery with my parents, and I feel a lot of new art collections over here.

Question 2. Do you think art classes are necessary?

Answer 1:- Yep, I feel that too needs attention as the same will help in arousing one’s fantasy world. It may help develop creative ideas that can further benefit in many aspects.

Answer 2:- It is according to the need of the person. If a person loves to paint or draw something, they should definitely go to art classes to improve their artwork.

Question 3. How do you think art classes affect children’s development?

Answer 1:- As I said before, it develops children’s thinking by getting them into an imaginary world. Definitely help in boosting mental growth.

Answer 2:- I think it greatly affects children’s development because, with the help of art classes, children can improve their painting and draw a better vision of life in their own paintings.

Question 4. What kind of paintings do people in your country like?

Answer 1:- As our country is more attached to spiritualism, people are more attracted to paintings related to God and the surrounding environment.

Answer 2:- In my country, it depends on the need of the person. If a person has a good sense of art, they must purchase a unique type of painting and hang it up on the wall of their own house.

Question 5. What benefits can you get from painting as a hobby?

Answer 1:- More than a hobby, it can bring unearthed potential among individuals. For example, it needs immense patience to paint an object which indirectly makes you a more mature person.

Answer 2:- Well, I don’t have painting as my hobby, so that is why I did not get any kind of benefit from that, but if someone has that habit, they draw a good painting and sell it at an exhibition and earn good money.

Question 6. Do you like to take photographs?

Answer 1:- Yes, I wouldn’t think twice about it. I love that it allows me to explore the world in a whole different way.

Answer 2:- Yes, I love to take photographs. I am going to a new place. I clicked pictures of the view and the nature, and later showed them to my family and friends, and posted them on my social media account.

Question 7. Do you prefer to take photos yourself or to have other people take photos?

Answer 1:- I’m the best for me when it comes to picturising something. You won’t believe it, and I don’t even trust photographers.

Answer 2:- Well, it depends that if I travel alone, then I would like to take pictures on my own like selfies and if I travel with my friends and family then definitely I tell them to take my good pictures with a fantastic view.

Question 8. How often do you take photographs?

Answer 1:- Usually, during weekends when hanging out with friends or spending time with family. The fact is, I usually don’t restrict myself. Whenever I feel it is time for a picture, I click one.

Answer 2:- I love to take pictures on a daily basis if I do some daily activity like going to the gym or going outside with my friends; I love to click pictures because it represents memories in the future.

Question 9. Do you prefer to take pictures of people or of scenery?

Answer 1:- Taking pictures of people-with scenery in the background is what most prefer. However, if a place is damn beautiful, it would capture a panoramic view of that alone.

Answer 2:- I think I love to take pictures of the view rather than people because nature is very beautiful and enhances my photo collection. I love to take a picture of nature.

Question 10. Are there any photos on the walls of your home?

Answer 1:- Yes, a few beautiful moments captured hanging in our living as well as bedroom adds aesthetic appeal to my home. But just a few, due to space constraints.

Answer 2:- yes, there are many pictures and get up on my wall, like pictures of my own with my family, and in my room, there are many natural sceneries which I personally clicked from my phone, and it enhances my room’s aura.

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